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The Goose with the Golden Eggs , The Goose with the Golden Eggs short story

The Goose with the Golden Eggs

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The Goose with the Golden Eggs

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Sometime in the distant past, a man and his significant other had the favorable luck to have a goose which laid a brilliant egg each day. Fortunate however they were, they before long started to think they were not getting rich sufficiently quick.

They envisioned that if the winged animal can lay brilliant eggs, its inner parts must be made of gold. What’s more, they felt that on the off chance that they could get all that valuable metal on the double, they would get forceful rich soon. So the man and his significant other chose to murder the winged creature.

In any case, after cutting the goose open, they were stunned to find that its innards resembled that of some other goose!

Execute not the goose that lays brilliant eggs is a prominent saying in English that is established in this story.

When we utilize this precept, we imply that any individual who feels qualified for, and endeavors to get more than he is as of now accepting, is destined to get nothing at all later on.

Youthful Johnny had an extremely kind and liberal uncle. Each time Johnny went to him with his folks, he was given five pennies. Multi day, Johnny thought of purchasing a bicycle. Whenever he met his uncle, he approached him for 50 dollars. “50 dollars?” shouted his uncle. “That is a great deal of cash!”

“Indeed, you can manage the cost of it, and I need to purchase a bicycle,” said Johnny. “You don’t have any youngsters, so you ought to have a considerable measure of cash.”

Johnny’s uncle was exceptionally irate. He didn’t care for Johnny’s state of mind.

Johnny did not get 50 dollars. He didn’t get his five pennies additionally any more.

He had murdered the goose that laid brilliant eggs. In the event that he had been more shrewd, he would have in any event got his five pennies.

Now and then, we are not content with what we have, and wish for additional. Such uneasiness dependably brings about misery, and lament.

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