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Gold Coins and a Selfish Man , Gold Coins and a Selfish Man Story

Gold Coins and a Selfish Man

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Gold Coins and a Selfish Man Masal oku

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Gold Coins and a Selfish Man oku

Gold Coins and a Selfish Man

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Sam was an insatiable and narrow minded man. He generally wanted to have parcels and loads of cash and never delayed to swindle others to profit. Likewise, he never wished to impart anything to others. He paid low wages to his hirelings.

In any case, multi day, he took in an exercise that changed his life until the end of time.

It so happened that multi day, a little pack that had a place with Sam was absent. The sack had 50 gold coins in it. Sam hunt high and abject the sack, yet couldn’t discover it. Sam’s companions and neighbors additionally participated in the inquiry, yet the entirety of their endeavors were futile.

Following two or three days, the multi year old little girl of a man working for Sam found the sack. She disclosed to her dad about it. Her dad recognized the pack as the one that was missing, and quickly chosen to take it to his lord.

He gave the pack back to his lord Sam, and requesting that he check whether the sack had 50 gold coins. Sam was elated to recover the coins, yet he chose to play a trap. He yelled at his specialist, “there were 75 gold coins in this pack however you gave me just 50! Where are alternate coins? You have stolen them!”

The laborer was stunned to hear this and argued his honesty. Narrow minded and eager, Sam did not acknowledge the specialist’s story, and chose to indict the issue.

The judge heard both the sides. He doubted the little girl and the specialist about the quantity of coins they had found taken care of, and they guaranteed it was just 50.

He interviewed Sam and Sam answered, “Yes my ruler, I had 75 gold coins in my pack, and they gave me just 50. Consequently, it is very clear that they have stolen 25 coins!”

The judge at that point asked, “Would you say you are certain that your pack had 75 coins?”

Sam gestured vivaciously.

The judge at that point made his judgment.

“Since Sam lost a sack of 75 gold coins and the pack found by the young lady had just 50 coins, clearly the pack that was found does not have a place with Sam. It was lost by another person. On the off chance that anybody finds a sack of 75 gold coins, I will announce that it has a place with Sam. As there are no objections about the loss of 50 coins, I arrange the young lady and his dad to take those 50 coins as a token of thankfulness for their genuineness!”

Genuineness will dependably be remunerated and voracity rebuffed!

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